YPJ-Support compilation 12″

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YPJ-support compilation

12″ vinyl

All proceeds from this album goes to YPJ.

US-citizens buy here: http://www.massmediarecords.bigcartel.com/product/ypj-support-compilation-lp
Australians buy here: http://infiniteheat.bigcartel.com/product/ypg-compilation

If you wish to donate extra cash, please write us at rebmuk@gmail.com and order directly via mail.


1: Svart magi: Cool Surf
2: Belgrado: Progress
3: Artficial Monuments: Succumb
4: Prison: Rattler
5: Dead Cult: My Eyes
6: Totenwald: Sex Sells
7: Stations: Master/Disciple
8: Catholic Spit: Sick Sick Sex
9: Grey Places: Exit Wounds
10Infinte Void: These Days
11: Flowers & Fire: Pale Nights
12: Annex: Spirit Sin
If you have any problems ordering, please contact us via: rebmuk@gmail.com

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